Paintball UK Welcomes You!

Skirmish Paintball Games have more than 27 years experience in running paintball games. We offer the best and most professional paintballing experience in the UK and as accredited members of the United Kingdom Paintball Sports Federation, ensure the highest standards of entertainment and safety.

Everybody loves an action hero, be it for real or just in the movies. It’s a tough old world out there, and whatever the scenario, there will always be losers as well as winners. The important thing is to play an active part.

Paintballing gives you the chance to do just that – be part of a team that has a job to do, a mission to complete, colleagues to protect, comrades to rescue. Be a soldier, marksman, quick-thinker, strategist, team-player and survivor but, above all, take part and get involved in one of the most demanding and most fun activities that you will ever experience.

In effect have a go at being your own real life action hero!



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Big thank you for how helpful and patient your company has been throughout this whole process! Out of the 15 providers I have had to deal with your service is by far the best – so thanks!! It’s been a pleasure working with you.

Laura Baker
Walton High School Stafford

I would like to say I had a fantastic time and was impressed with how the staff were so friendly and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed myself :-) A big thank you to everyone for such an enjoyable day. Kind regards.


Just want to say a big thank you for all your help in organising this day for the team. We all had an immense day and the marshals were fantastic. Everyone has commented on how awesome it was and want to go again! We have spent the day talking of the great moments of the day.


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